Application for the 2017 session of the Summer School on Medicines must be received before June 23th.

There are a limited number of places for this program. It is incumbent upon each applicant to ensure that his/her file is complete. Applications which are incomplete or submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

There are two types of applications:

  • Standard inscription: (please, click on the REGISTER button below and complete the information requested. You can proceed with the payment and you will receive your SSM9 confirmation as participant).
  • Fellowship inscription (please, see the fellowship opportunities section, read the fellowship conditions very carefully and proceed with the inscription by email. You will receive your confirmation by 23th June and no payment is required before).


WARNING: If you want to apply for a fellowship DO NOT REGISTER HERE (please, see the fellowship opportunities section)

Click here to register now:

Registration through Biocat website

An invoice will be issued upon reception of your registration. Program fees must be paid in full before admission to SSM9.

Registration fee includes: Presentation materials, conference place & equipment, transport to visiting places, lunch and coffees.

Fellowship opportunities

Fellowships covering the registration fee and/or accommodation expenses are available depending on each region. See the details here.

Cancellation policy

SSM9 organization reserves the right to cancel the Summer School on Medicines 2017. If the program is cancelled, SSM9’s liability is limited to a full refund of the program fees already paid.


SSM9 organizers are not responsible on paying and reserving the accommodation rearrangement of the standard students. Only the fellowship students are an exception (each regional organization will take care of their accommodation if it is included on the fellowship conditions):

Nevertheless, we have an offer in case you need some accommodation in Barcelona (which is under your responsibility):


A certificate of participation will be awarded by Biocat to participants who complete the program to the satisfaction of the institution.


The SSM9 organizers cannot be held responsible for the travel to and from Barcelona.

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